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Here are some of our partners

HAG (Humanist Association of Ghana)

The Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) has raised funds for a book drive for the schools.which are in need of a library and reading resources.

Email: ghanahumanists@gmail.comWebsite:    

-Facebook:Humanist Association of Ghana –
Freethought Ghana –
HAGtivist podcast –
Twitter: @ghanahumanists @HAGTivist

Ronel Ghana  

They help us with maintenanceof the ICT equipment


Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, UK  – ICT equipment

Blue Crest University College, Ghana – Volunteer teaching and hardware repair  support from students who are also members of ITAG (Information Technology Association of Ghana) and IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering)

A&C Development Co.

Ltd, Ghana

ICT equipment

Kwaku Sikahene Ampomah UK  

ICT equipment

Ahimba Johnson Ampomah, UK  

ICT equipment

Charles Narnor, ShelterAfrique, Ghana  

ICT equipment

Kate Williams, Tranquility Spa, Ghana

ICT equipment

Otuson Quaye, USA

ICT equipment

Nana  Eshun

ICT equipment

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Also, You can find Us here

13, Sunflower Street,

Tema – Community 20,Lashibi – Sakumono,

Greater Accra Region,Ghana.


+233(20) 526-7595

+233(24) 807-8017

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